So, I get the honour of photographing Baby Sienna. In the Winter, wedding photographers move from Brides and wedding photography to Babies!  Sienna is 9 months and almost ready to get up and run. We caught her just before Christmas, just in time for her Christmas Card photoshoot.  How gorgeous and easy was she to photograph. We set up a mobile studio on a bed, which is easier for babies as it’s a soft but firm surface and easy for her to roll around on and not get hurt.  She can also, lay, fall, jump, crawl and the white room is great for bouncing light everywhere. These photos were taken with a Nikon D700, at 2.8 ISO 600 1/60th. The lower the shutter speed, the warmer the shot. We also used the light that was coming through sheer curtains. The sheerness creates a muted light that softens the shot. Easy baby and gorgeous mummy Sarah.