Zoe and Matt got married on February 16, 2013. They were very lucky with the weather in that it was bright and overcast (the perfect weather for  photography as there are no strong shadows).  Matt is in the military and is going to Afghanastan in April, so their wedding was intimate and emotional.

Set at the St John’s Church in Emsworth and there were daffodils and pansies shooting up (this is before the March dump of snow).  So lucky.  With 8 guards and their swords the wedding was filled with pomp and circumstance but also the young couple looked happy and relaxed.  Matt’s mother, Elaine organised the church to have tea and cakes for those who were coming to the church only, which was a lovely touch.

We stopped at Emsworth water front for some romantic photos before setting off to The Langstone Hotel on Hayling Island.  See the day unfold.