When Emma May contacted me, she was so relieved that I was free. A Friday in May, she was lucky. She was also lucky with the weather. On her wedding day, it was scheduled for torrential rain all day. So, when we showed up and the sun came out, everyone cheered up. Little Mya decided to get between the happy couple as they literally married but nobody minded. She even sat in her Dad’s arms while they did their vows. They may as well start to go on as they mean to go on. Such a cutie. After a lovely intimate wedding and taking some pretty couple shots at the beautiful Petersfield Registry Office, we went onto Old Thorns Golf Club where they have 2 to 3 weddings per day.  Emma had the smaller room out the back which overlooks the golf course while beginning with drinks at the Champagne Bar. After a half hour of chatting, the heavens opened and it rained for the rest of their afternoon. In these instances, we sometimes decide it better that I come back another day when its sunny to reshoot the romantic shots at a venue. Emma decided that smooth hair was more important than getting rained on; and it was raining. The Champagne Bar gave a wonderful feeling of “old glamour” with its high ceilings and lush interiors … it also has an amazing bar. The group were quite happy drinking in here until their wedding breakfast.