Emily and Matt are doctors from Devon. They work really hard and their wedding took great planning as they had to come up from the Southwest.  The day turned out to be so sunny … which is becoming quite unusual in this lovely country of ours. April is such a beautiful month with rapeseed, and blossoms everywhere and on this day, it did not disappoint. I found Emily getting ready with her family and girlfriends at the family home around the corner from St Stephens Church in North Mundham. Everyone was in great spirits and the girls chatted and sipped bubbly while applying their make-up.  So when they received the phone call came that the groom was going to be 1/2 hour late as someone had collapsed at the Goodwood Hotel did I wonder whether I would see any cracks. But I did not. The wedding took place as planned and the couple headed onto the new Southend Barns, a beautiful renovation of a barn specifically for wedding purposes. Will and Mariella have taken great care in renovating their barns. There are two: one for marriages and one for parties so that there is none of the usual clearing chairs and re-decorating for dinner. There is a sumptuous fire pit area with large sofas outside under and massive canopy, ready should the heavens open. The fires are lit in the evening and the marshmallows are toasted. Field and Fork handle their catering with second to none quality and care. Lots of Mmmms and Yummms were heard throughout the hall. Enjoy this wedding; 41 doctors and a rowdy crowd they were. Look out for low flying hats on boys!