Claire & Kevin – well, what a good looking bunch!. Claire was one of the tiniest brides I’d seen, in her 1940’s inspired gown and hair piece. She was stunning and those blue eyes. She had flawless skin and was amazing to photograph. I had never met Kevin, so when I turned up and was faced with this grey fox, I was very pleased. And all their guests, so glamorous. The speeches were amongst the best wherein, Kevin had saved some diary notes that Claire had written about him when they were 14! And also some fabulous photos from the school trip. It was the hottest day of the year and as per usual, I had not drunk enough, so at 4:30 and just as I took the last photo, I’m afraid, I left that poor chap out, who is running up the pathway to get in the group shot at the very end. I was busy fainting from dehydration. What a great wedding. The Walled Garden, with its lavendar and gardens, and this beautiful bunch – as easy gig!