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Pam and David will be married at Southend Barns in May 2015.  They are so young and cute together. And actually, very very silly. They are a pleasure to be around. When I arrived, I found them at Petworth in the columned building snogging before I had even got there. I could see them from the car. How cute is that?

Despite Pam being slightly nervous, I think they quite enjoyed it by the end. They are lucky of course, to get Southend Barns, the Chichester venue which books out years in advance.  I can’t wait for their wedding day – truly in love and as I said, very, very silly. Right up my street!.  Here are some of my other Southend Barns Weddings.  And if you would like a quote for a wedding in the South or Southeast, please email me at sales@gaudions.co.uk or go to www.gaudions.co.uk and I’ll be happy to help. Also my FACEBOOK Page has lots of weddings current and past in the area.


Petworth Engagement Shoot Wedding Photographer Chichester

Petworth Engagement Shoot Wedding Photographer Chichester

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